Dentist South Pasadena

Hi, I’m a Dentist in South Pasadena, and my dental office is directly across from Salon De Elegance in South Pasadena, California.

We provide general, cosmetic and implant dentistry along with preventive dental education in a caring, respectful and high tech environment.

You’ll have an experience like no other!

What this means is that, We will always treat you with the respect that you deserve. My staff and myself will treat you kindly, fairly and promptly. Our goal is that you receive the best care possible.

In addition…

  • We offer our patients pre-treatment oral sedation for relaxation.
  • To eliminate the sound of “the drill”, we offer audio sedation.
  • We also offer Septocaine – twice as strong as Novocaine, to numb the most difficult tooth.
  • Our dental instruments are cleaned and processed for your best protection and safety.
  • We have fully digital x-ray equipment that gives you minimal exposure and maximum accuracy.

Want to know more about our South Pasadena dental office? Please explore our Web site.

Or, better yet, call (626) 799-4187 and make an appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Dentist South Pasadena – Our Practice Philosophy

The most important goal our practice strives to achieve is to help every patient keep the teeth they were born with and improve upon those teeth if we can.

The dentist South Pasadena practice provides “Evidence based Dentistry” or EBD. This is the conscientious use of scientific evidence in making decisions about the care of our patients. Our patients tell us that they like the fact that they are informed about the state of their oral health so that they can make educational decisions about their teeth.

The practice believes that this communication is critical to building trust between the dental team and the patient. In the end the practice is proud of the fact that is has many happy patients with beautiful healthy smiles for life.

Services We Provide

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